Bruce Goes Wild

Adventure In A Troopcarrier
Cape York – Part 1

Cape York – Part 1

This is the story of our journey to one of the most remote places in Australia. The northern most point of the country - the tip of Cape York. The Daintree The Daintree rainforest is a magical place. So much of it remains unexplored and there is such an abundant...

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Fraser Island

Fraser Island

Fraser Island, just off the coast of southern Queensland, is the largest sand island in the world, covering 1,840 km². When I say sand island, I mean that it is entirely made of sand. To me, this conjured up images of a barren desert of sand dunes surrounded by sea....

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New - Troopy Rear Door Gas Strut Kit!

Packed Like Peanuts

What to pack in a little campervan

Are We There Yet?

Planning a trip around Australia


From the UK. With an adventurous spirit, Alan has always had dreams of travelling the world and exploring remote places in a campervan. He loves nothing more than grabbing his backpack and heading off on an adventure! He’s a keen photographer, techy and an engineer…. and good at fixing things.


From Lake Macquarie, NSW. As a kid she enjoyed many family camping holidays around NSW. Like many Aussies, she always expected to do the ‘grey nomad’ pilgrimage around Australia eventually. However, that was exclusively for retirees, backpackers and hippies! Then she met a backpacker.


Our 4.2 litre diesel, 75 series, Toyota LandCriuser Troopcarrier, with a campervan conversion. For the uninitiated, a ‘Troopy’ as they are affectionately known, is a large four wheel drive with a van body. Cherished for their unwaivering reliability and ability to go wherever they bloody want!

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